Friday, December 3, 2010

15 months

My sweet little boy turned 15 months Nov. 30th! How in the world is that even possible!! Time is flying by too fast for this momma!

Wade you are so much fun right now! VERY VERY Busy!! Here is what you are doing this month:

You are handing out kisses left and right to me and daddy and we LOVE it.

You are FINALLY WALKING!!!! About two weeks ago you got up the courage to start taking more steps and now you walk pretty much anywhere you go! It's still pretty slow and shaky but you're walking!!! We are SO PROUD!!

You like to play with my hair and pat Mommy and Daddy on the back!

You can say Cwacker-cracker, Mama, Dada, Yes, No, Orning-Morning, Bwooke-Brooke,
Ta Ta-Tucker, Paw Paw-Papaw, Pop (for Poppy), Tank To-Thank you.

You point to everything and grunt because you want whatever you so.

You shake your head "No" all the time, even when you really mean yes.

You LOVE to cook. We give you a spoon and a pan and but dominions or poker chips in there and you stir and stir. When Mommy cooks you want to stir whatever is in the pan too, I usually let you for a minute.

Mommy is the only one that can put you to bed, you want a cup of milk and for me to sit in your room and read a story to you. Usually, the book I pick is just right and you're ready for bed when it's over but if the book is too long you close it when you're ready to lay down.

You still LOVE bath time of course!

You LOVE The Polar Express movie right now!

You Love the Christmas Tree and you are really pretty good about not touching it!

You love blankets and want to snuggle up when you find one!

Your monkey Nana (Banana)is still your favorite thing! He goes every where with us and you can't sleep without him.

You don't really care to be left anymore. You pout and cling to me when you leave you in the church nursery or at Miss Aaron's. BUT Aaron says you pout for two seconds and then you're great all day long so I know it's just an act!

You love your friend Hunter at Aaron's house. She says y'all play so well together!

I feel like I blink and another month has flown by! I'm trying hard to savory every moment with you. My favorite time with you is night time. We snuggle in your big fluffy chair and rock and read and sing songs and you rub my hair and pat my leg. There is nothing more special than that time! I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! God has big things in store for you. Happy 15 months!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Haircut

Wade got his first haircut Monday! It was LONG overdue. He had little curls that flipped out in the back that everyone loved, and I did too but lets face it, when you can put your son's hair in a small ponytail, it's time!! He did SO good! We went to Aunt Crystal's house and she sat him on the counter with a handful of goldfish and he just ate while she cut away!

He looked SO big after it was all done! I've thought for months now that he was looking more and more like a little boy and not a baby, but the haircut topped it off. He is officially a little boy. It's sad and exciting all in one. I miss the fact that I could just sit and hold him for hours and he loved that, but it's also fun that he wants me in the floor playing with him or he'll bring me a book for me to read to him. Time flies when your having fun! Happy first haircut Wade. Mommy loves you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween or Haljaween as it's know around our house

This weekend my parents stayed with us so they could see Wade trick or treat. We had so much fun! Wade actually dressed up and carried a bucket this year. Hard to believe my sweet pumpkin was just 2 months old this time last year.

Wade and his friend were the Flinstone gang. They were all so cute together!!

Mommy and Fred

Us with Nonnie, Grammy and Poppy

Our Besties!

We went to our church's harvest festival and then to Nonnie and Papaw's. After a few meltdowns, and some chocolate, we finally made it back to our house for yummy chicken tortilla soup and a movie. I just LOVE FALL!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

13 months...6 days late

Mr. Wade you turned13 months on September 30Th. You are more fun every day! Here is what you're up to this month.

1. You have become quiet the mamma's boy over the past several weeks. You will not let me out of your site. You want to play with my hair, lay in my lap, snuggle, and be under my feet at all times. You NEVER use to cry when I dropped you off at Aaron's in the mornings, now you CLING to me and I have to play in the floor with you for a minute before I can leave.

2. You still ARE NOT walking! You will take three steps and act like it's the most exhausting thing you've ever done. Clearly you think your a speed crawling and your too good for walking. All in your own time my love.

3. Your hair is slowly getting curly all over, you've had curls in the back for months but the longer your hair gets the more it starts to curl up all over.

4. You are cutting two more bottom teeth right now, making six in all. I think you MIGHT be getting your one year molars as well but you won't let me look and see.

5. You LOVE to be outside

6. You have learned to throw a fit when you don't get what you want, needless to say it gets you nowhere with me or your daddy.

7. You are really testing your boundaries these days! We will look you in the eye and tell you firmly "No" and you will look us in the eye back and do whatever it is we told you not to. We again tell you "NO" a little firmer this time, again you look at us and do it, then you act shocked when you get a spanking for it. (no we don't yank him up and beat him, he gets a slap on the hand or side of his leg)

8. You LOVE LOVE LOVE Elmo!! You could sit and watch him forever. I'll put in some other cartoon for you and you could careless, I think it has something to do with the puppets!

He loves hiding in the end tables.

hmmm coach! What can I say he has good taste!

9. Your favorite foods are strawberries, fish sticks, broccoli (you eat and eat and eat broccoli), cut up grapes, chicken and water. You drink and drink and drink water. We finally have to take it away so you don't spit most of it back up.

10. You say momma, dada, dog, hi, bye, uh huh, huh, uh oh, and wave by and hi, and shake your head yes and no.

Just when I think I can't love you anymore, i do. Some days I look at you and my heart literally HURTS because i love you so stinking much. I'm so blessed that you're my baby boy and I thank God daily that he chose me to be your Mommy. I'm so proud of the little boy your becoming. Can't wait to see what October brings us. Love you Chunky Monkey!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Big Fish and 5 Things to Apply to Your Life

I'm loving this little sermon series Rich is doing right now.

Sunday was about Jonah and the big fish. One thing I thought was interesting was as children we were taught that it was Jonah and the whale. However, the Bible clearly states that it was a big fish, which means it couldn't have been a whale because whales are mammals not fish.

Anyway, The Lord came to Jonah and told him to go to Nineveh and announce his judgment against it because of their wicked ways. Jonah refused and ran away on a ship, which was caught in a storm so the other men throw him over and he as swallowed by a big fish, only to be spit out three days later and to obey what God had asked of him.

There are five things to take from the story and apply to OUR lives daily.

1.God sends his people out to others.
-When God's people are in trouble he sends others out to help them see the light. Keep your heart and mind open to the Lord using you.

2.You can run from God but you can't hide.
-When you run away from the Lord he waits on you. He waits on you to obey him and trust and love him again. But he always knows where you're at, you can't hide!

3.It's not pleasant inside a fish.
-We all at some point in our life are going to be in the belly of a fish, whether it be death of a friend or family member, debt, fired, or any other kind of conflict. Hopefully, when your wading through the bones and seaweed, you turn to the Lord and you over come your fish together.

4.God WANTS to forgive and restore us.
-It's the Lord's nature to want to take what's broken and make it whole again.

5.Stop pouting.
-Get on board with the mission of Christ. Don't pout because it's not what you wanted, it's to further the kingdom. Stop being selfish and listen to what the Lord WANTS, whether that means you pack up and move across the world or you stay and become a leader in your own church, stop pouting and do what the Lord has asked of you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 Rules to live by..

This past Sunday the sermon was about the story of Joseph and how through out all the things that we're thrown at him he remained faithful to the Lord. When the sermon was over we were to take away 6 things from the story. Here they are.

1. God still speaks to us in our dreams.

-Keep your mind open to this. How many of us have had a dream about something that relates to something happening in our life and we chalk it up to a coincidence, but have you ever consider it's the Lord talking to you.

2. Trust in the Lord always.
-When you think there is no way out, trust in the Lord. When your marriage has hit a rough patch, trust in the Lord. When your child is rebelling, trust in the Lord. When there has been a death in the family, trust in the Lord. He's always there and he's waiting on us to trust him completely.

3. Do right, even when you have a chance to do wrong.

-If you haven't already be given the chance you will one day. There will be a time when you can cheat, or steal, or lie and nobody will know, but don't. The Lord ALWAYS knows.

4. In your darkest hour, God still speaks.

-The Holy Spirit is always present, and wether it's a praise or you've hit rock bottom, the Lord WILL speak to you. Clear your mind, and ask the Lord to speak to you.

5. Always give God the praise.

-It doesn't matter if your praising him for finding your keys in the couch, or your praising him for all the blessing his pour out upon you, praise him. Our Father is so loving and patient and a gracious God and he yearns to hear from us but most importantly he want's us to praise him and love him.

6. Forgive

-Don't EVER go to bed anger, or leave a situation unfixed. What if the Lord only forgave you as much as you forgave others, I bet you would forgive always. Don't hold a grudge, it's one of the heaviest things you can carry.

Isn't our God wonderful. He loves and cares for us so much. Try these 6 things and see how they can better your life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God's Plan

Have you every wondered if you're where God wants you to be? Are you doing what God has called you to do? I've asked myself these questions over the past week. Brody and I have had an opportunity arise and while it seems wonderful and like a good idea I can't help but wonder if God doesn't have something else in store for us. BUT with that said I also wonder if my own personal feelings aren't getting in the way. Knowing the Lord's plan for us can be so hard at times. Pray for us as we try to weed through the worldly things around us and see God's vision for our little family.


I pray first and foremost that YOUR will be done! Lord please show us what you have in store for our family Lord. I pray that where ever we are and what ever we're doing we would be there doing it to further YOUR kingdom and name. Father, I pray for clarity in the situation and a peace with the decision that is made. I pray that no matter what you will remain the center and our main focus at all times. Thank you father for all your blessing you've poured out upon my family. Father, thank you for your precious son, Jesus Christ, and for sending him to wash away our sins and making us pure! We love you and we praise you! In Jesus name. Amen

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

Wade has discovered he can climb in and out of the chair and the couch in our living room, and let me tell you he thinks he's big stuff. I walked out of the room to grab something the other day and came back to this....

"Hi mom"

" I won't tell you how I got up here."

"ok ok i will, like this you see!"

"Aww I'm so proud of myself."

"Don't worry mom, I can get down too!"

"and back up again"

"i'm so brave!"

"Dad I don't have time for a picture, I've got to get down"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun Weekend Ahead...

I'm so ready for the weekend. The boys are going hunting and the girls get to play!!! Mom is coming into town tomorrow to spend the night with Wade and I! We have BIG plans to shop a little, decorate my house for fall (my FAVORITE time of year), order Chinese food and have it delivered, and eat it in our pajamas while we watch a super girly movie or show!!! Now if that doesn't sound fun/relaxing I don't know what does!

Sunday is the first Tech game and we're super excited we got season tickets with The Thomas. For the first game we got baby-sitters and we're actually going to tailgate and have a good ole' time! Wade WILL be going to the rest of them though! He already has his jersey and raider red shirt ready to go!! Not to mention all the red and black outfits he got last weekend for his birthday!

Thankfully, Brody and I both have Monday off. You can bet your bottom dollar that will be spent sleeping in, eating homemade waffles, running the waffles off, and playing with my boys!! Yes my friends, it's going to be a FABULOUS weekend!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A year ago today..

I was having my precious chunky monkey! I can't believe we've gone from this.....

to this.....

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where has the year gone??

I can't believe my baby boy will be one tomorrow! This year has just flown by, and while I am said that he is no longer truly a baby, I'm excited about the stage that he is at. He is so much fun! The Lord has truly blessed us with a sweet, loving, easy little boy and i'm so thankful for that!

Saturday we had his first birthday party. We are blessed with lots of friends that have children around the same age has Wade so we had several kiddos there. We had a splash pad, a slip n' slide, and a blow up pool for the kids to stay cool. After all the kids got done swimming we had hot dogs, opened presents and watched Wade smash his cake. He wasn't too sure about the cake smashing at first but once he figured out he wasn't going to get in trouble he dug right into it.

Me and the Birthday Boy!!

His birthday plate he and I made together. The airplane is his footprint!

Swimming with cousin Brooke!

Enjoying the pool!

Opening presents!

One of his favorite presents, a tractor from Grammy and Poppy!

His CUTE cake!!

Hmm What's this??

our best friends!!!

Miss Grace, isn't she precious!

Wade with his friends!!

Mr. Wade here is what your up to at the age of one (12 months).

1. You are the biggest snuggle bug ever! You LOVE to wake up early so you can crawl in bed with mommy and daddy for your last hour of sleep. We always said we wouldn't had kids in the bed, and while we don't let you sleep with us we LOVE for you to come snuggle in the morning!

2. You are such a lover! You give open mouth kisses, play with Mommy's hair, wrap your arms around peoples neck and give a good firm hug, and pat people on the chest or back.

3. You are a speedy crawler but still don't care to walk. I've decided I'm not really in a rush for you to walk. While all your friends are walking, I know that when YOU'RE good and ready you'll take off.

4. Still only six teeth. Four on top and two of the bottom.

5. Your hair is getting long and very blonde and curly in the back.

6. You LOVE your soft hand rattles, you have three now but your raty dirty white lamb rattle is your favorite.

7. You are still in 12 month clothes. You got all 18 month for your birthday and I can't image you being that big even though I know in two short months all those items will fit you!

8. You still only say Mama and Dada but I swear you have repeated "Elmo" and "Oh yeah" to me several times. Your daddy thinks I'm crazy and made that up!

9. Speaking of Elmo, you LOVE Elmo!! Elmo's world is your favorite and even though I always said I wouldn't let you watch Elmo I'm ok with it because the look on your face when you watch it is priceless.

10. You have recently decided you are big enough to crawl off our bed well, all furniture for that matter. Luckily we watch you like a hawk and have been able to help you. I dread the day I turn my back for a split second and you do it yourself.

11. Graham and Tucker are your best friend.

12. You love staying with Miss Aaron while mommy goes to work. You and Graham play all day and some days you don't really care if you go home with me or not.

13. Grilled cheeses, Spaghetti, strawberries, ritz crackers, and chicken are your favorite foods. You will down a whole sippy cup of water in about 1 minute. You HATE juice. Which I am NOT sad about, I think there is way too much sugar even watered down.

14. You love to be outside

15. You squeal when your daddy get home from work. You love him so much!

16. You Still LOVE bath time!! You can't wait for me to get your clothes off so you can get in.

Wade, we can't wait to see what this next year brings for our little family. It's been such a joy to watch you grow and change this year and I'm excited to see the little boy your becoming. I know this next year will be full of fun! We love you Chunky Monkey!! Happy Birthday!