Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warning...this is a long post without at your own risk!

So wed. I went to Dr. Atkinson's office for my progestrone shot, to be put on the monitor and for them to check my cervix. Just another weekly visit for me pretty I thought. When I got there I got my shot and Wade looked good on the monitor and I wasn't having anymore contractions (the medicine was workin) so all that was left was to check my cervix. So we go in and she looks and says "oh no, i think it's funneling." WHAT!!! How could that be? I've been on bedrest for a solid week and I was GOOD too. I got up to get a drink or something to eat...went to the bathroom and laid back down on the couch..."so what does this mean?" ..well turns out when they would press lightly on my belly (which acts as a light contraction) my cervix would open and the baby was right there at the opening cause he is already so low. Even when they weren't pressing on it though it was slightly open and pressing up which tells the doctor my cervix is getting ready to thin and dialte. SOOOOO here I am in the hospital on bedrest. I cried for a good day cause there was so much I still had planned to do at home. I'm over it now because I know the main thing is that Wade cook longer in my belly. All I want is a healthy, fully developed little boy. If that means laying here until he's ready to enter this world then that's what I'll gladly do for him.

Yesterday I got a pump put in that distributes medicine all throughout the day. The medicine keeps me from having contractions and so far it's working...down side is that they have to change it every 10 days. This means redoing the whole thing. It wasn't horrible but sure wasn't fun either. They basically stick a needle up under my thigh and run a small cathiter in my leg...pull the needle out and the cathiter stays in...then I get to carry this cute little pager looking thing around everywhere.

Please just keep us in your prayers...Our goal right now is to make it to 30 weeks and then to 32 weeks and the to 34 weeks. Everyone will feel so much better if I can make it to 34 weeks...That's August 14th so that's what I'm shooting for! I just hope that's what Wade's shooting for too!

(sorry there aren't any camera is being fixed and then I'll post some belly pics)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby, bedrest and Summer

Well I think I officially STINK at blogging! I mean it's been 7 months since the last post! A LOT has happened since then!

As most everyone knows...Mr. Wright and I are expecting our first baby in September! We're so excited! We hadn't planned it but we know that the Lord certainly did and that makes this little miracle even more of a blessing. We're having a little boy! Michael Wade. We will call him Wade though! Michael is Mr. Wright and his dad's first name and Wade is my dad's first name. We thought it would be special that he be named after his daddy and both grandads!

We had SO MUCH fun telling our parents we were pregnant because it wasn't planned they we're REALLY SURPRISED and excited!! Wade will be the first grandchild for my parents so they can't wait for him to get here. Dad already has a little gun picked out for his hunting buddy!

I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and they put me on bed rest yesterday. They have been watching my cervix for about a month due to change in length. It was real short yesterday and I was having mild contractions so they told me to park it. I had two steroid shots to help his lungs develop and I am taking medicine every six hours to keep me from contracting more. Luckily they said we could finish our last three birthing that will be one outing a week and they said I could still have my baby showers so that's exciting! Right now I'm totally focused on keeping my sweet angel in my belly to cook longer.

With all that said...I'm done traveling for the summer...well until he gets here actually. My mom was really sad to think that I would be home until the end of August or Sept. I say August because they told us they are just wanting me to a least get to 34 weeks which would be some time in august. It is said to think that I won't be there for 2 or 3 months. Luckily my family is fabulous and will come visit a lot. Hope the grandparents can come some too!

Ok I think I've got the three people that even read this filled in for now! haha Since I'll be home for a while I'm sure I'll be updating a lot more. This was a long one! Here are some pictures of the day we found out we we're expecting and of our sweet angel

look at that sweet foot!I already love that sweet face!Looks like his daddy...but maybe with his Mommy's nose!

Look at those fingers!