Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pyper Grace is 1 year old

 My dear sweet Pyper Grace, 

Today you are one year old! Where oh where did the year go? This time last year, your Daddy and I were sitting in a hospital room snuggling you and getting to know you. Tonight, we blew out candles on a pink cupcake and chased you around the living room. You'll never know how much joy you bring me. I wake up each morning to be greeted by your sweet smile. I love your snuggles and they way you call my name for anything. I'm so thankful the Lord chose me to be your Mommy. I look forward to continuing watching you grow into a beautiful God fearing woman. I know that will have bumps along the way, but I'll cherish every peak and valley we go through because it will be with you, my sweet little girl! 
One day Old

One Year Old Today
Having your first cupcake!

Here is what you are up to at 12 months old:

Your vocabulary is increasing quickly. You say Mama, Dada, Hi, Hello, Bye Bye, Hot, Go, More, Yes, and Tic Tic (Tickle Tickle).

Ready for church a two weeks ago

You are a Daddy's girl! You love me and we enjoy our time together, but when your Daddy walks in that door it's all over for me. You reach for him the most and cry if he doesn't pick you up the second he sees you. However, I'm still the only one that can rock you to sleep at night and read you bedtime stories.
reading with brother at school

You are crawling up a storm and not interested in standing or crawling. You have pulled up on the coffee table a few times but get stressed out once your standing. You usually stand there and call my name until I come and rescue you. I know you'll walk in your own time. 

Cindy Lou Who?

You still love bath time! You giggle and splash in the bath. You love to sit and play with bath toys as long as I'll let you. We have also been swimming twice this month and you loved both times. I think you will be a waterbug like your brother!

My little lady bug

Speaking of brother, you hang on every word he says to you. Y'all have your own little games y'all play with each other. Nobody can make you belly laugh like he can. I love to hear him talk to you and you gab back to him. 


You love to pretend like your talking on the phone, you love to really talk to your Grammy on the phone even more! When she calls you just talk and talk. When we have to hang up you usually cry. 


You are a great eater. You love chicken, Turkey, Hotdogs, Corndogs, Strawberries, blueberries, applesauce, crackers, clementines, cheese, carrots, and green beans just to name a few of your favs. You have been off of formula for about a month now and love your whole milk. You are drinking warm whole milk in a bottle right before bedtime, this is the only bottle you get. We are hoping to get you off of that one bottle soon. You love to drink out of a straw and love to share drinks with Mommy. 

My little Easter Bunny

I am oh so looking forward to spending all my summer days with you. Thankfully, that is starting next Friday! We are having a birthday party for you this Saturday. I can't wait to see you smash into your cake and open all your presents. This is such a fun time. 

First set of pigtails 11 1/2 months

If you don't get anything else I just want you to know how loved you are. I pray that you and I will have a close mother-daughter relationship one day. I'm already so proud of you and know that you will continue to make us proud in all you do. We love you so much. 


One year photos

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pyper Grace is 9 months

Pyper, on Friday, February 22nd, you turned 9 months old. Time just continues to march right on. I can not believe in three short months you will be a year old. Where has my little baby gone. We are quickly entering into toddlerhood. Here is what you are up to this month:

Playing at the doctor with Wade

You are sleeping very well. You go to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on what our day held. Most of the time you sleep until about 7:00 the next morning. You were sick most of last week with RSV/Strep so the last few nights you have been waking up for a bottle to try and catch up on your nutrition. You usually take a morning nap around 9:00 and an afternoon nap around 12:00. 

so sick with RSV and Strep

You love to eat. You are still taking bottles throughout the day but they have definitely slowed down. You usually end up drinking around 3 to 4 for the whole day. You really love solid foods. Your favorite right now is probably bananas. You love for us to break of big pieces for you or you'll eat it somewhat mashed up. You tried whole green beans and turkey today for the first time and loved the green beans. You ate some of the turkey but you weren't sure what to think of it. I'm still making your baby food with the baby bullet which you love. Your favorites are carrots, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes. You LOVE crackers. Crackers of any kind! Graham crackers, ritz crackers, zesta, cheese its, it doesn't matter! Your not big on juice which i'm glad. Too much sugar in the i think. However, we do give you prune juice to keep your bowls regular and you do like that watered down. 
trying to steal brothers food.

You are still not crawling and it makes you so mad. You will get up on all fours and rock back and forth and just growl and grunt and scream because you can't figure it out. Your brother crawls by you trying to show you how and it just makes you even madder. I've tried to help you but again, you scream and get mad as if to say you will do it yourself. I know you will all in good time. If it was one thing I learned with your brother it was not to rush him and you are turning out to be the same way. You will do things in YOUR time. You will hold on to a table and stand there by yourself though. You love to stand at Wade's train table and play with him. You're so proud when you realized i'm not helping you. I can see you stand a little taller. 
playing trains

so proud of yourself

You're still riding in your car seat career. Partly because I still don't think your QUIET ready for a big car seat and your not near as heavy as your brother was at 9 months, but also because we still aren't sure if you're our final baby or not so I'm savoring every little detail. My gut tells me you won't be the baby of the family but you never know. God is in control of that one. You love to ride in the car. It's soothing to you and Wade. You both fall asleep pretty quickly into a drive. If you don't, 9 time out of 10 you are happy to be in the car awake!

You love to sit in the floor and play with all your toys. You LOVE when brother will sit and play with you. He talks and pretends with you and you think it's so funny. You are a little dare devil. You through yourself back wanting us to flip you upside down and tickle you. You saw Daddy throwing brother up in the air one day and cried until I did the same with you. You LOVED it. You just giggle and giggle the whole time. Daddy says who needs a gym when we have our little dare devils. 

this is the look your uncle Brant gets 95% of the time

Your first Valentine's

getting ready for your Valentine's Party with your friends
 You love bath time. You like to get in the big bath with brother, which is the only way we are bathing you these days. You splash him and just laugh and laugh afterwards when you see his reaction. If he turns his back to you you gently pat on him until he turns back around and acknowledges you. 
Your first trip to the Mountains FEB 2013

Snow day with Momma and Bubba

 You still only have two teeth and you won't let me feel your top gums to see if any are trying to come in. We go for your 9 month well check tomorrow so we'll see what Dr. G can see! 

You are growing up too fast. You are the happiest baby i've ever seen. If your not smiling or laughing I know it's because your exhausted or sick. You go with the flow and are usually very relaxed. You continue to go between entertaining yourself to not wanting me out of your sight but I think that's every baby your age. 

Your such a joy and bring so much life and light into our family. I love to hear Wade say "where is my pretty Pyper girl," after you have gone to bed. He loves you just as much as your Daddy and I do. He loves for you to be right by his side. You will never be able to understand how special you are and what a beautiful gift you are to us. We continue to pray for wonderful wonderful things for you my sweet princess. Mainly that you will have such a heart for the Lord and willing to serve where He wants you. We love you so much. Happy 9 months baby girl!