Friday, December 28, 2012

Pyper Grace is 7 months

Pyper Grace, on December 22, 2012 you turned 7 months! I CAN NOT believe it!! I feel like the end of your first year is flying by even faster than the first 6 months! I know time will just continue to fly by! You are so busy trying and doing new things. Here is what your up to at 7 months,

  • You are MOBILE! Your not crawling or even trying to crawl yet but you can roll all over the room and turn in circles with the best of them. If you see something you think you have to have you roll and roll until you can reach it. 

Christmas at Poopsies!

  • You love to eat! You eat a fruit or veggie at 11:00 each day and usually both a fruit and veggie at about 6:30 or 7:00 for dinner. You are still taking several 6 ounce bottles through out the day. You stole a puff from a friend at school and LOVED it. We occasionally let you have one at a time but Mommy is still leary of them since you are really not the age they are recommended for. Maybe in another month or two we will really get into them. 

  • You HATE to be by yourself for even a minute. If I set you down and you see me walk out of the room you start screaming. While I love the fact that you love being with us, I must say this makes it hard to get anything done, including showering or taking care of other bathroom needs. We have your Daddy to thank for this, he sprints at any little sound you make. Your his Princess and he can't stand to see you cry for a minute. 

  • You still love bath time! You have really started kicking and splashing in the bath now and you really love it when brother bathes with you. He makes you laugh and you splash him. It is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 

  • I must apologize to you sweet girl, you got a problem that I use to have when I was a baby and toddler. You get constipated A LOT. The doctor said this is hereditary. So try to avoid you getting uncomfortable and screaming you drink 3 to 4 ounces of straight apple juice every day or every other day.   If you ever get uncomfortable we give you about 6 ounces and that takes care of the problem in about an hour. We try to stay on top of it though and keep you from feeling uncomfortable.
My sweet girl!

  • You had your very first Christmas this month and you LOVED everything about it. You were so easy going and relaxed at all 4 Christmases we had. If someone handed you a present you tried your best to get into it. You LOVED boxes and tissue paper! You favorite presents were a learning dog that sings and lights up from your Nonnie and Papaw and a big fluffy teddy bear from Grammy and Poppy named Philbin. You sleep with Philbin and squeeze him when someone hands him to you!
Loves to sit in her highchair while Momma cooks

  • You are still waking up once a night for a bottle and diaper change. You got to bed on your own and go right to sleep but we still can't break that habit of once a night feedings. I don't know how to break it. You take a full bottle right before bed and you eat a fruit and veggie about 30 mins before your bottle. I'm sure you will grow out of it soon! 

  • You still love your brother and enjoy being with him! He can always make you smile and you giggle. If you isn't just waking up or needing to go to bed he loves you right back and enjoys making you smile. 
After Wade's Christmas program

  • Your second tooth popped through this month. You now have two teeth, both on the bottom. Your hair is also starting to fill in and grow some more. Maybe you won't be bald until your 3 like your Momma was. 

  • You're wearing sized 2 diapers, fixing to move to sized 3. Your wearing 6-9 month clothing in most things. Some 9-12 month in smaller made clothes.

  • You are talking up a storm. You still haven't said Mama or Dada but we are sure working on it as well as Bubba. Your face just lights up when we talk, sing or play with you. You are the happiest morning baby I've ever seen. 
7 months on this day!

We love you so much and we're so proud of each milestone you've made. We continue to look forward to each day with you and continue to say that each month is our favorite month. Truth be told, we just love and enjoy anything you do. We are so blessed by you and continue to pray that you will grow and develop into a God fearing woman. We love you and know you can do anything you set your mind to. I'm so proud of you beautiful! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pyper Grace Is 6 months (i'm a little late)

 Pyper Grace I can't believe that you are 6 months old. I'm actually a little late posting this, you were 6 months old on Thanksgiving day! You had a great first Thanksgiving! You sat in your high chair and happily played with lots of toys and ate carrots! At six months here is what you are up to.

You are rolling all over the place. You can roll over from tummy to back but you rarely do. Your a little spoiled and know that if you just grunt and cry a little someone will eventually roll you back over for you. 

On Tuesday, November 27th your first tooth popped through! It was your bottom left tooth. Your bottom right tooth is not far behind. You also got your 6 month shots and your flu shot on the same day. That was a BIG day. Momma may or may not have cried a little bit when I discovered that pearly white. 

You are an eater. You still eat 6 ounces every 4 to 5 hours. We introduced solids around 5 months. You LOVE green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, and you will tolerate prunes. You HATE apple sauce, peas, and squash. You are eating one fruit and one veggie at night and then take a bottle before bed.

My sweet little princess you are NOT a sleeper! I could always count on your brother to take a 2.5 hour morning AND afternoon nap. I'm lucky to get you down for 30 or 45 mins once a day. You are too worried your missing out on something. You are still waking up at least once a night for a bottle, sometimes twice a night. I'm not sure how to break that but maybe we will get it figured out too.

You are still a great little traveler. We frequently go to see your Grammy and Pop and you almost always sleep the whole entire way. And we are going to make a shopper out of you yet. You love to ride in the stroller and have people talk to you. You don't make a fuss until we get in the car to head home. 

Your personality is really coming alive! You have started to reach for us and you smile and grin just about anytime we talk to you! You LOVE kisses. Your whole body just lights up when we kiss your sweet little cheeks! You think your brother is hilarious! You laugh at just about anything he says or does to you. I love to hear your sweet little giggles and belly laughs. 

You are working on sitting on your own. You can balance for a few minutes before you fall over. You are sitting longer and longer each day. I'll blink and you'll be doing it all on your own in no time. 


You are the sweetest, most relaxed little girl I know. You just go with the flow and rarely make a peep in doing so. I enjoy every kiss, smile and snuggle from you. You are such a little joy in our lives. I can't believe your half a year old. We love you so so much. Happy 6 months baby girl! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Long time no blog

I seem to be having a hard time posting these days. I hate that! That means life is just crazy! Which also means I'm not writing down all the craziness!! It's a viscous cycle.

Last my school had their Fall Festival! Of course we decided to dress the kids up and go and I'm glad we did! Wade had a blast! They had a fun little train (can you say hog heaven) and lots of fun games for him to play!

Brody has been hard a work organizing a 5K and 10K. All the money that was raised went to the Make A Wish Foundation. So, last Saturday the kids and I got all bundled up and went out to support Daddy's race! I wish I could say I ran the 5K like I had originally planned on, but I didn't. They had a great turn out and raised a little over $3,000, that's half a wish!!

bundled up for Daddy's race!

 Wade had his first Halloween party at his new daycare. We made treat bags and home made sugar cookies for all his friends! They got to dress up and come into the school and trick-or-treat down all the halls. It was so fun seeing him and my classroom just loved him. He was such a ham for them!

Trick-or-treating down Mommy's hall!

For Halloween we didn't do too much trick-or-treating since we had already been to the Fall Festival the week before. We started at some friends house, made our way to my brother's girlfriends house where Wade was spoiled rotten with as much candy as he wanted and hot chocolate chip cookies and milk, and then made a few more stops in our neighborhood and back home. He had more than enough candy by that point and need some REAL food in him.


We didn't do much this weekend. I lost my voice Thursday night which made it HARD to teach Friday. Brody was sweet and let me sleep in and rest yesterday. We goofed of most of the afternoon and then got all dressed up for our family pictures. I can't wait to get them back, I'm tired of not having any of ALL FOUR of us around here! Naturally, my little smiley girl slept threw the first location but finally woke up towards the end so hopefully we got something good!

I'm love my little family and i'm so blessed that I get to share this crazy, beautiful life with them. There are some days we all seem to be at each other, today was one of them, but I can't imagine life without them all. Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pyper Grace is 5 Months

I know I say this every time but I just can not believe that five short months have already past. Pyper girl you are getting SO big! Your Daddy and I look at you everyday and feel so blessed to be your parents! Here is what you're up to at five months!

Five months old today!

My 5 month old!
You rolled over for the first time on Tuesday, October 16th and I missed it!!! Your Daddy was out of town last week so it was just you, Wade and I at home. We got home from school and I unloaded the car, unpacked bags and repacked them for the next school day and then played with you and Wade for a little bit. I then realized it was almost 6:00 so I laid you on your playmate in the living room and left Wade in his room watching a movie and playing trains. I walked into the kitchen for no longer than a minute and walked back to check on you and there you were on your belly! I couldn't believe it and I was SO mad I missed it!!!! Daddy saw you roll from back to tummy and then tummy to back yesterday! You will do it if you really want to but you haven't gotten crazy with it!
"Look at me Mom!"

You tried rice cereal this month and did not care for it! So we tried oatmeal and you tolerate it a lot better. You for the most part seem to have the hang of the spoon so I think we are going to try some green beans soon! You are drinking between 4 to 6 ounces at a time. 

"This oatmeal is better than rice!"

Your 4 month wake period has gotten better but you are still up at least once at night. If I can ever get you to eat a full bowl of oatmeal and drink a bottle after your bath you will sleep through the whole night. But since you don't LOVE the oatmeal this is rare. Hence, starting the veggies soon.  

My happy girl!

You are talking up a storm. You are SO LOUD! Once you get started you talk and talk for a long time. I'm thinking this might be a little insight on what our future looks like when you actually start talking!!! I love to hear your little voice and to hear you blow raspberries!  

painted our toes for the first time! 10/20/12
You still LOVE bath time. You think it is really funny to take a bath with brother. You just splash and kick and smile the whole time.

I love to hear Wade talking to you in the car on the way home. He has you laughing a big deep belly laugh the whole way home usually, which gets him laughing too. The car filled with y'alls laughter is the sweetest sound to me ears. Someone asked Wade Saturday if his Daddy was his best friend and he said "no my Pyper is!" He sure loves you sister!

Really mom?

Happy girl, even if you did get up at 5:00 am

You are the happiest, most laid back and relaxed baby I have ever seen. People ask me a lot if you ever cry and my response is rarely. I know you are starving or flat worn out if you are truly crying. 
My sweet snuggler!

You are loving sitting up. You really enjoy the bumbo or sitting up in our laps and you just discovered standing up on your legs. You are so proud of yourself when we hold you up and you stand. It's amazing what changes in a month! Last month you wouldn't put any pressure on your feet!
Pyper, you look TOO big here!

Pyper, we love you more than you will ever know. We continue to be so blessed by your sweet smiles, laughter and snuggles. We just can't imagine our lives without our baby girl in them. I want time to slow down so we can breath in every single milestone and moment. We can't wait to see how you grow and change this month. We are so proud of you baby girl. I love you!



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Zoo

This past weekend, the kids and I loaded up after school on Friday and headed out to my parents. Life has just been crazy around our neck of the woods, so we were looking forward to just having a little fun. That's easy to do at Grammy and Pop's house. I had promised Wade we would go to the Zoo before it got to cold so that was on our agenda. Also, my aunt and uncle and cousins that I haven't seen in four years, yes your read that right, FOUR YEARS, were going to be in town. 
Baths at Grammy and Pop's are always better!

We got up Saturday morning to head to Abilene only to wake up to one of the rainiest days I have seen in a long time. I didn't know how I was going to break it to Wade that the Zoo wasn't going to happen, we had hyped it up all week. We went ahead and made the drive and ate lunch and ran a few errands. After a while Wade started talking about how excited he was to see the monkeys, dinosaurs, dragons and lions. Yes he thought he was going to see dinosaurs and dragons!! Dad couldn't stand to disappoint him so we paraded around the Zoo in the RAIN!!! It actually turned out to be awesome! There were a lot of animals out enjoying the cool weather! We didn't get to see everything, but we saw enough that he is STILL talking about the Zoo. Needless to say, we are going to try to go back on a pretty day in a few weeks!!
Getting ready to walk around in the rain!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pyper is 4 Months

Pyper Grace, on September 22nd your turned four months old. How is the time moving so quickly. I was bathing you tonight and I just couldn't believe how big you look!

At four months you weight 12 lbs 13 ounces and you are 25.6 inches long. You are in the 45th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. You had your four month well check last Tuesday and Dr. G said you looked awesome! Growing right on track.  You were a trooper getting your shots. You cried for just a second and then you went to sleep. Dr. G said we could start giving you cereal and once you got use to the spoon start adding vegetables. I just don't know how I feel about that. It seems like once we started baby food with your brother time just speed up even faster. I went ahead and let you try it. You thought it was OK but nothing to rave about. I may let you try some oatmeal cereal and see how you feel about it but we are by no means in a rush. We'll get you going when your ready. For now you are eating 4-6 ounces of formula every 4-5 hrs.

Just waiting for those yucky shots.

You have already started the 4 month wake period. Your brother did this too. Right at 4 months you started waking up twice a night again. I know it's just that big growth spurt. You eat a bottle each time you wake and then go right back to sleep. I know this too shall pass all too soon, so rather than complain about having to get back up twice a night, I'm enjoying rocking and loving on you in your big fluffy, comfy chair under your chandelier at all hours of the night.
Trying cereal for the first time.

You are SO CLOSE to rolling over. You get your shoulders completely turned over and your hips are almost there, if you ever figure out that you need to swing them on around you will have it. You lay on your play mat and pull on all your toys trying so hard to roll over. When you can't your squeal in frustration.  You will do it in the coming weeks I'm sure of it. 
You and I love to shop at Target!

You are still in LOVE with your brother. I love to look in the review mirror while i'm driving. 9 times out of 10 Wade is holding your hand. So many days he burst out in laughter because he says your smiling at him. If you are crying because you are tired and we are in the car, Wade just reaches out to hold your hand and you fall asleep at his touch. He is quick to comfort you and loves to lay on the floor and try to make you laugh. You don't care what he's doing, you just love to watch him. 

You LOVE bath time. You kick and splash and smile the whole time. You don't mind getting your face wet and you love to have your hair shampooed. You are always so relaxed when you get out.
Just hanging out with Brother.

You are finally sleeping in your room :/. It was a bittersweet day. I knew it was time though. You started waking up a lot because the bouncer or swing was getting uncomfortable. One night I just decided it was time and after you had fallen asleep in my arms I laid you down in your bed. You do great in there. It makes me feel better knowing Wade is right across the hall. 

You love to sit in your bumbo. I can tell you feel so big when you sit in it. You like to see the world from an up right perspective. You will sit and hold a rattle and a few other toys for a while. When your ready to get out you cry a little and I know your done. 

So proud of herself.

I can not believe four short months have already passed. We all love to see your precious smile and hear that beautiful laugh. You are still the most laid back, easiest baby. You just go with the flow and your such a trooper about traveling. I crawl in bed each night and tell your Daddy how blessed I am by you and your sweet big brother. I'm so thankful God allowed me to raise you through this crazy, beautiful life of ours. I already know your going to do great things one day. I just pray whatever it is you choose, that you let the Lord guide you and shine through you each and every day of your life. 

Pyper girl we love you so much. Thank you for being our beautiful ray of sunshine in the morning. Your sweet smile is what I get out of bed for each morning. You get my day started on the right foot. We are so proud of you! Happy four months baby girl. Mommy loves you!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wade is 3 years!

My dear sweet Wade, where oh where have these last three years gone? I know I was just a young scared 21 year old mother completely head over heels in love with a newborn little boy this time three years ago. 

I know it sounds cheesy but I caught myself getting a little misty eyed this morning thinking about how fast our time together has flown by! And I know it's a total cliche but before I know it you'll be starting your first day of kindergarten, and then running off to middle school, and I'll turn around and you'll be a senior and then I'll blink and your graduating college and getting married and having babies of your own. BE STILL TIME!!! I want to breath this all in. Every little sweet thing you do, I want to have time to soak it all in.  

My sweet boy, you are such a bright spot in our little family of four. Your sweet little voice is what I wake up for each morning. Your laughter fills a room and takes my breath away. That sweet little smile makes my heart skip a beat. I love you more than you will every know. 

You have had a BIG year this year. We started off by letting you know you were going to be a big brother. At the time you were clueless and we're fine with the news. You know have a three month old little sister than you love so much. You are so sweet to her. After your stand off reaction to her at the hospital I was really nervous you were going to be jealous, but that soon faded and you were filled with love for her. You love to try to make her laugh. You will do just about anything to get a smile or a laugh out of her. It doesn't take much, she is smitten by you. Yesterday you kept saying "watch this Pyper!" and then you would run and jump as high as you could. I could tell you were trying very hard to impress her. It was so sweet! You still call her your sweetheart! I LOVE that! It never gets old. Most of the time you are very sweet to her in the car. If the sun is in her eyes you are quick to put the umbrella on the carrier down for her. If she cries you run to her side to let her know that it's ok, Momma is coming. Many nights you BEG for her to come lay in your bed with you for a while. I always take her in there and the three of us lay together. 

Next, we sprung a move on you. You had never know any other house but 2907 Liberty Ave as your home. As of April 2012 that all changed. You were a little confused at first but once you saw your big room and realized our living room was HUGE compared to our old house, you didn't care that we had moved anymore. You were actually very excited!

You had your tonsils out and tubes put in in July. It was quite the surgery and a very LONG week of recovery for us all, but we all feel like it was worth it! For one thing you can HEAR a lot better these days and your speech and vocabulary has improved!!! 

And finally at the start of the month you started a new daycare after being with Miss Aaron for 2 yrs and 7 months. It was also a rough two weeks, but this week you have proved that you are getting into the swing of things. You even got in the car today and told me your liked your big boy school! That made my heart so happy, it has been hard leaving you crying. 

You are obsessed with Trains. You love everything about them, but your favorite thing is to hear that train whistle. You love Thomas the train and have way to many of them to count. It doesn't matter if it's real, fake, on tv, my phone, or a toy train, your all about it!

You are SO tall! You are wearing 4T jeans!!! They are way TOO BIG in the waist but a smaller size looks like you're waiting on a flood to come. We cinch the elastic up as tight as we can you but a belt on you and it works. You also need a 4T to 5T in your shirts because your torso is so long and you are wearing a size 9 shoe. You weigh 36 lbs and I can't wait to see how tall you are next week. 

Your favorite foods are strawberries, chicken, mac cheese, grapes, spaghetti, hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream, water, milk and sprite. You love to go for long walks and play outside. You are all boy, you love to throw a ball around, kick a ball or attempt to climb the tree in our front yard. 

This past month you started going through a phase where you are scared of a lot of things. Suddenly, you have stopped going outside in the backyard by yourself, you won't enter a room if the light is not on because you thing it's too dark, and bed time is terrible. You tell us your scared of something outside your window.   We take you outside and show you there is nothing out there to be afraid of. You want to sleep with two lamps and a night light on and you have suddenly started talking about scary snakes. I have prayed over you, over your room and over this house hoping that the Lord would give you a peace and ease your mind and take that worry away from you. It has gotten a little better but we are still reassuring you a lot that there is nothing to be scared of. I hope this stage passes quickly, you use to not be scared of a thing! I hate to think you are worrying about something!

We wanted to have your birthday party last weekend but your Nonnie and Papaw were out of town. When then decided on this weekend but your Grammy and Poppy had already planned to have company because we told them we were planning on the 25th. So, long story short your party is going to be September 8th. As I did last year, I let you choose what you wanted for dinner. You requested to go out for hamburgers and ice cream so that's just what we did. You scarfed down a burger and fries and then we went to Holly Hops soda shop where you had a big dish of cookies and cream ice cream, complete with three burning candles on top! We came back home and you opened a few gifts (saving the rest for you party) and took a bath and went to bed. 

Wade, I love your so so so much!! You make me smile each and everyday! Just when I think I can't love you anymore, I do! You continue to make me so proud! I'm so thankful and blessed that the Lord chose me to be your Momma! I know the Lord has big plans for you! I pray that the Lord will reveal those plans to you in His time and that your heart and mind will be waiting and listening for him. I pray that you would choose each and every day to seek Him first and for most and that he would shine through you. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. I'm so proud of you and I love you so much! Happy third birthday buddy! 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pyper is 3 months

Pyper Grace I can not believe you are THREE MONTHS!!! Wow!! I feel like I was just pregnant and waiting for labor so we could meet your sweet little face!! We have LOVED every second that you have been in our lives! We prayed for a beautiful, sweet, healthy baby and the Lord blessed us way beyond our beliefs! Here is what you have been up too!

3 months today!!!
 You are sleeping wonderfully for us! You were sleeping all night if you didn't go to bed until about 10:30 but since we have started to school last week you are in bed no later than 9, sometimes earlier. You usually wake up for a bottle about 3:30 or so and then sleep until I have to wake you up at 7:30. Your taking about an hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap. 

Ready for church!
Your not a big big eater like your brother was. You take anywhere from 2 to 3 1/2 ounces every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. You have occasionally taken 4 ounces but that is rare. We had to up your reflux medicine a few weeks ago because you were starting to cough and choke a lot more. Right now you're taking 1.2 ML three times a day! It has really seemed to help! Due to the reflux you are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room elevated in the bouncer or nap nanny. I'm hoping we can get you moved to your room sometime within this next month. I think it's so important for you to know that that's your room and bed. I'm dreading it but I know it's probably time!

All clean
 Your in size 1 diapers. You are wearing some 0-3 month clothes,  mostly 3 months clothes and some 3-6 months. You have about three outfits that are made really small that say 9 month. I think you are mainly in 3 month though. You don't have a doctors appointment until next month but I'm guessing you weigh about 12 lbs. 
Sweet sleeper
 You LOVE to be talked to! Your face lights up and you smile from ear to ear when anyone tells you your a pretty girl, I can't blame you, it's nice to hear sometimes haha! You are fascinated with your brother! He is SO sweet to you! When you cry he comes running to tell you it's going to be OK!  If he is talking you are searching the room to find him. You laughed for the first time a few weeks ago and of course it was at none other than your sweet brother! It was the sweetest sound. You have kinda chuckled a few more times since but not a full on belly laugh like you did for Wade. 

brother loving on me!
 You are getting SO strong!! When your in your carseat or bouncer you pull that head up and lean forward. You like to sit up and look around too. Your neck needs to get just a little stronger to sit in the bumbo though! 

Mommy started back to work last week which means you and brother started daycare. I'm SO thankful that our school has a daycare on our campus! I can run out and see you anytime I want to! It's been an adjustment for us all! I cried all last week when I left you! This week I think your rebelling due to the change and not eating well at all for Miss Jessica. I know your not starving but I wish you would eat more than 2 ounces every 4 hours!!! You have been SO tired in the evenings because of the change. I go in to pick you and Wade up and the second you hit my hours your out like a light! I wish that we were in a spot that Mommy could stay home with you and brother but we aren't. We want to be able to send you and brother to college like your grandparents did for Daddy and I and that means Mommy needs to work. So with that said, I'm thankful for a great job and a daycare at my job! 
So happy in the mornings!
 Your hair is starting to fill in a little more on top. It's not thick and I wouldn't look at you and say "oh that baby has a lot of hair" but I can tell it's growing!! It's getting a little lighter too! Your eyes have continued to stay blue. We just knew they'd be brown like mine but once again God blessed you just like Wade, with your Daddy's beautiful eyes!

You may HAVE Daddy's eyes, but you only have eyes for Momma! Daddy let me run an errand by myself tonight and you cried most of the time I was gone. When I got back you were all smiles and happy. I don't want you to cry for Daddy, but I sure do love it that we are already so close and have a special bond. I've always dreamed of having the same mother daughter bond that your Grammy and I have with my own daughter!  
Ready to shop with Mommy!
We can not even begin to tell you how much we love you and how proud of you we already are! You are so sweet and beautiful and we can not imagine life without you!  We pray that you will continue to grow and develop and stay healthy! We also pray that you would have a heart for the Lord and he would shine through you! I'm so blessed to be your Momma sweet girl! Excited to see what the next month brings! I love you!

3 months! you look so big!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

WARNING: This post is completely random but it's things I want to remember for myself. 

Where on earth did the Summer go? I feel like school just got out and I was having a baby. Now I'm busy getting my classroom together and getting ready to start the school year for good next week! YIKES! That is CRAZY! We have a big month ahead of us! My baby boy turns 3 on the 30th and school starts the 27th. I had three days of new teacher orientation this week and then Monday is first actual day we get started! Below are a few pictures of my classroom!! I've been working hard to get it ready!!

First grade is a hoot!!

It's HOT

I LOVE Mary Engelbreit!

Our school theme is Dr. Seuss this year!
 We have been trying to soak up these last precious days off! Last week the kids and I went to my parents for one last LONG visit! When school starts our trips will be few and far between and VERY SHORT!

Last Friday we went to my Aunt Christie's house to celebrate her birthday and swim! Wade got to help Grammy make her birthday cake which he LOVED! Pyper girl watched closely to see how it's done, she is preparing to lick those beaters too some day!
He loves to use the mixer!

Licking the beaters!

Wade, Me and Aunt Lakin!

relaxing with Poppy!

This Thursday, Brody and I will celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss together. We have only been out on one date since Miss Pyper joined our family, so we are going to let the kids spend the night with Grammy and Poppy and we are headed to Abilene for a WHOLE night of just the two of us. We are so excited to catch up and baby our relationship for a night! 

This week hasn't been to hard leaving the kids! My sister kept them Monday and then Brody's mom had them today and will keep them tomorrow! My training has been 2 blocks from our house so I've been able to run home for an hour and a half for lunch and I'm home by 3! Next week will not be the case, they will actually start their new daycare on my campus. You would think having left Wade before it would be easier dropping them both off but I know it won't be. With a new daycare comes new worries. Will he make friends quickly and easily, will he love his new teacher as much as he has loved Miss Aaron for the last almost 3 yrs. Will Pyper just think I've abandoned her? Will she still love me and be anxious to see me and enjoy our snuggle time. 

Truth is, I know my children will be fine, my niece and nephew go to the same daycare and love it there. I know I'm doing the worrying for them, that's my job and right as a mother I suppose. Even knowing that they will be fine, I dread the whole process. However, I am thankful that I have a job that can help provide for my family and save for my children's college funds!  
Wade is doing so awesome since having his surgery! He still has a typical 3 yr old melt down every now and then, but for the most part he is a MUCH happier kid! His appetite has really increased too!! Which I'm loving!! He has been a really picky eater this past year and that has seemed to changed since getting rid of those HUGE tonsils. 
Headed for an evening walk!

Pyper is growing so fast and doing so many new things each day. Her little smile and coos melt my heart. I love that she is a Momma's girl right now. My favorite time of the day is about 6:30 am after her bottle. I lay her in bed with us and she snuggles up and falls back to sleep for a few more hours. I love that she nuzzles up to my neck.
My sweet Pyper girl!
Snuggling in Mommy's bed!

We have a lot happening right now. I am a routine person so I'm just ready to get the first few weeks out of the way so we can all fall into a groove and know what to expect. We have a big few weeks ahead of us!!!  
Another evening walk!