Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camera Phone Catch Up

The Fourth of July weekend was jammed pack full of fun and laziness! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Brody and I BOTH had off on Monday, which was a miracle! So here is what the weekend looked like for us!

We relaxed in our pajamas and made forts on the floor to watch cartoons.

Had a yummy picnic in the house, this boy can eat some brisket and ribs.

Took Nana the Monkey EVERYWHERE!!

Had dinner with sweet friends, and played in the bath after a muddy mishap.

Rolled around in the backyard in style.

Read books on my big boy bed and new bedding.

Got a big boy haircut and a yummy sucker for doing so good!

Went to churchWent to the pool in style, and with some yummy frozen grapes.

Played with cousin Brooke at the pool
Pooped from the swim
Had a cookout with sweet friends and rode in their cool car.
Made a coconut pieMade a chocolate pie to take to friends cookout.

We were busy Friday and Saturday, relaxed Sunday and Monday morning, and then busy again Monday evening. We had some MUCH NEEDED family time and feel refreshed. Hope you all had a happy Fourth!